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BSRI's annual scientific retreat took place on September 13 at San Francisco's historic Fort Mason Center. Associate Investigator Graham Simmons organized this virus-focused event which included presentations by BSRI investigators Eric Delwart and Satish Pillai. Joining our investigators were three invited speakers, William Robinson, MD, PhD (Stanford University), Sean Amberg, PhD (SIGA Technologies) and William Switzer, MPH (CDC Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention).

BSRI has been named for the second year in a row to The Scientist list of Best Places to Work Academia. This year the BSRI ranking rose to #2.

Dr. Eric Delwart presents at the 3rd Annual Bay Area Symposium on Viruses [] held May 23, 2013 at the Center for Emerging & Neglected diseases, University of California Berkeley. The video of his presentation is available through the UC Berkeley Events YouTube channel. Video link:

Cell Therapeutics in Trauma and Critical Care: Barriers in Translation from Pre-clinical to Clinical Development conference took place December 3-4, 2012 at UCSF's Mission Bay Conference Center. The goal of this workshop was to bring together the expertise and input of blood bankers, clinicians running trials, basic scientists, companies, NIH, DOD and regulatory agency representatives to discuss barriers to translation of cell therapies in trauma and critical care medicine, an area with few effective therapeutic options. A review of the meeting is expected to be published in early 2013.

The ScientistFor the past 10 years, The Scientist’s Best Places to Work in Academia surveys have asked academic researchers to highlight the aspects of work they value the most—such as support, access to great research, and collaborations—as well as areas they wish their institutions would improve, such as appropriate family-care policies. More than 1,100 full-time life scientists working in academic or noncommercial research institutions responded to this year’s survey. In this year’s survey, researchers around the world said they valued the personal satisfaction their workplace offers above all else. BSRI was ranked 8th on latest survey.

On September 19th 2011 BSRI held its annual scientific retreat at the Headlands Center for the Arts. The program was a look back at HIV at 30, infectious diseases and their impact on transfusion medicine. BSRI Scientific Director, Michael Busch and Blood Centers' Herbert Perkins were joined by distinguished speakers Don Francis, MD, DSc of Global Solutions for Infectious Diseases whose career has focused on identifying and eradicating infectious diseases around the world and most notably led him into the heart of the HIV AIDS crisis which has been chronicled in the non-fiction book And The Band Played On; Jay Levy, MD, Director of the Laboratory for Tumor and AIDS Virus Research at UCSF who in 1983 independently discovered the AIDS virus, HIV, that he originally called the AIDS-associated retrovirus (ARV); Michael Houghton, PhD, Li ka Shing Professor and holder of the Canada Excellence in Research Chair in Virology within the Institute of Virology at the University of Alberta who with his lab at Chiron Corporation discovered the hepatitis C virus, developed blood tests and identified new drug targets for this virus.

From L to R: Don Francis, Mike Busch, Jay Levy, Herbert Perkins, Michael Houghton

BSRI Retreat 2011_Panel discussion

BSRI and UCSF play key roles in NHLBI program. This $87.2 million international research program, REDS-III, extends a highly successful program assessing blood banking and transfusion medicine. Research conducted under the seven-year program will focus on improving transfusion benefits and reducing its risks. BSRI is serving as the Central Laboratory as well as coordinator for the international program in Brazil. For more details on REDS-III, please visit:


The Herbert Perkins Scientific Lectureship and Award has been established by Blood Systems, Inc. to honor the major contributions to transfusion medicine, cellular therapy and to the education and training of scientists, fellows, physicians and medical technologists in these fields by our founder, Herbert Perkins, MD. The award will sponsor a distinguished scientific speaker at the California Blood Bank Society (CBBS) annual meeting.

  • George Garratty, PhD, FRCPath, Scientific Director, American Red Cross Blood Services; Clinical Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UCLA (2014)
  • Paul M. Ness, MD, Professor of Pathology and Medicine, Johns Hopkins Medicine (2013)
  • Harvey Alter, MD, Distinguished NIH Investigator, Chief, Clinical Studies, Associate Director of Research Department of Transfusion Medicine, NIH Clinical Center (2012)
  • Sherrill J. Slichter, MD, Director of Platelet Transfusion Research, Puget Sound Blood Center and Professor of Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine (2011)
  • Susan Stramer, PhD, Executive Scientific Officer at American Red Cross (2010)
  • James C. Zimring, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pathology at Emory University School of Medicine (2009)


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